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Expanded Display Site

Expanded Display Site

A display area adjacent to a licensed motor vehicle dealer's principally established place of business.


General Information & Requirements

        • Must be adjacent to or within 200 feet of the right-of-way of the dealership's principal place of business.
        • Must be used exclusively for the display of motor vehicles.
        • Must be 2,000 square feet in area, not including driveways, and must be of a hard surface to prevent the collection of dust, mud, water, and other unsightly conditions.
        • Must have a sign in the exact business name, with lettering at least six inches high. The sign must be prominently displayed, properly maintained, and permanent in nature.
        • No other business shall be conducted, and no other business or residence shall be located on the expanded display lot.
        • All transactions relating to the lease or sale of motor vehicles shall be conducted at the principal place of business.


        • Written request for approval of the expanded display area.
        • $4.00 Permit Fee.
        • Photographs of the proposed expanded display site and permanent sign in the exact business name.


Code Sections
ORC 4517.04 ORC 4517.06 OAC 4501:1-3-10
ORC 4517.05 ORC 4517.07  


      • An on-site inspection of the premises will be conducted by a BMV investigator to determine if the location meets all the physical requirements. Once an expanded display site has been approved, the dealership is subject to random inspection, including pertinent records, to confirm that compliance is being maintained.
      • The purpose is to assist those dealers who are in need of additional display space without requiring a separate license, office service area, or under-roof display area.
      • All business transactions must occur at the principal location.
      • If there is a building on the display area, and the building is being used as an office, the site will be considered a secondary location, and must comply with all physical requirements for a secondary location. Otherwise, use of the site will be denied.
      • If the expanded display site is found to be in violation of the Ohio Revised Code or Ohio Administrative Code, warnings and/or citations may be issued, the application for renewal of the license may be denied, or a license may be revoked or suspended.