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Camping Trailer Dealer

Dealer primarily engaged in the business of selling new camping trailers.


General Information & Requirements

BMV 4322  (PDF)  (Word) - New Motor Vehicle Dealer Application
No person, firm, or corporation that sells, displays, or offers for sale tent-type fold-out camping trailers, trailers, semitrailers, or park trailers is subject to the requirement that the place of business have space, under roof, for the display of at least one new motor vehicle and facilities and space for the inspection, servicing, and repair of at least one motor vehicle.
Must have a permanent sign in the exact name of the business as it appears on the application, with letters of at least six inches high. The business sign shall be prominently displayed, properly maintained and permanent.
Must maintain records of all motor vehicles purchased, leased, and sold. Refer to Ohio Revised Code section 4501:1-3-04 for the list of the required records.
Financial statement information, indicating a net worth of at least $75,000.

Photos: Photographs of the business location's lot, office, (inside and outside), and business sign.

Send as attachments in JPG format only, may be e-mailed to dealerphotos@dps.ohio.gov. Please include your business name and county name or county number in the subject of your email.

Electronic Fingerprinting: Ohio residents who are owners, all partners, president, all members, owning 10% or more, and all trustees MUST be electronically fingerprinted and have the results forwarded to the Dealer Licensing Section, P.O. Box 16521, Columbus, Ohio 43216-6521. Visit the following link on Ohio Attorney General Web site (Webcheck locations) for a complete list of electronic fingerprinting locations in Ohio.

*Out-of-state residents may submit a fingerprint card and processing fee, BMV 4452. Do not send the fingerprint card directly to B.C.I. & I. Acceptable fingerprint card(s) may be obtained only by contacting the Dealer Licensing Section at (614) 752-7636.

If B.C.I. & I. reports that the person has ever been arrested, for any reason, has criminal record, or is a multi-state offender, the applicant should expect significant delays. The person being fingerprinted can reduce the possibility of having the application delayed by explaining their circumstances fully and completely on a separate sheet, provide a copy of the court's journal entry showing the final disposition of your arrest and/or conviction, and the charge your were convicted of, if any and submit it with the application.

Electronic Fingerprinting prices vary and payable to the company taking the print.
Any felony conviction or any misdemeanor conviction related to dealing in motor vehicles is reason for the Bureau of Motor Vehicles to DENY the application.
Dealers are required to purchase at least one dealer plate.
Relevant Code Sections
ORC 4503.30 ORC 4517.05 ORC 4517.24
ORC 4505.06 ORC 4517.09 OAC 4501:1-3-03
ORC 4505.18(B) ORC 4517.10 OAC 4501:1-3-04
ORC 4517.02 ORC 4517.12 OAC 4501:1-3-05
ORC 4517.03 ORC 4517.20 OAC 4501:1-3-07
ORC 4517.04 ORC 4517.23 OAC 4501:1-3-09
An on-site inspection of the premises will be conducted by a BMV investigator to determine if the location meets all physical requirements. Once a license is issued, the dealership is subject to random inspections, including pertinent records, to confirm that compliance is being maintained.


Permit $50.00
Master In-Transit Plate (optional) $50.25
*Title Defect Rescission Fund (required) $150.00
Additional In-Transit Plates (each) $10.25
Postage (if plates are ordered) $4.50

* We are required to collect a $150.00 initial application fee on behalf of the Title Defect Rescission Fund;  this fee will be refundable if you do not meet the requirements to become a licensed motor vehicle dealer.  For information or questions on the Title Defect Rescission Fund contact the Ohio Attorney General's Office at www.OhioAttorneyGeneral.gov or 1-800-282-0515.